Tour Locations

Golden Drop Oil Factory

With a production capacity of 500 metric tons (MT) per day, our edible oil refinery is equipped with an in-house plastic processing plant for blow moulding, injection moulding, pre-forming and PET bottles forming. Pupils will get to learn how red palm oil from local oil palm plantations is processed into its many fraction to obtain cooking oil and by-products for margarine, biscuit and soap making. They will also learn about how the plastic packaging materials such as jerricans and PET bottles are made.

Our branded products:
  • Golden Drop Oil
  • Lafia Vegetable Cooking Oil
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Oly Saponification Factory

Our 100MT per day soap saponification plant depends on by-products from the oil refinery as a major raw material for the production of laundry and bathing soaps. Pupils and students will gain some real experience of how soap making lessons in science is employed for large scale production in industry. They will also get to observe how these soaps are wrapped and packed as finished products from the finishing line.

Our branded products:
  • Oly Toilet Soap
  • Oly Multipurpose Soap
  • Oly Carbolic Soap
  • Oly Perfumed body Toilet Soap
  • Oly Laundry Soap
  • Oly Purebody Soap
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Royal Farmers Rice Factory

Our rice mills situated Nyankpala near Tamale is the largest in West Africa with a milling capacity of 500MT per day. The mill receives paddy or raw rice from thousands of farmers in the north during each harvest season for processing for the local market. The mill is equipped with a parboiling unit for processing dry and cracked grain to obtain long grain rice. Pupils will learn the various characteristics of rice and the various stages the grains pass from farm to finished products.

Our branded products:
  • Royal Farmers Parboiled Rice (Premium and Select)
  • Royal Farmers White Rice (Everyday & Exclusive)
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